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Millenium Development Goals

In the year 2000 , the UN lead the development of eight ‘Milennium Development Goals’ with the aim of encouraging development by improving social and economic conditions.  These goals include:

  1. Ending poverty and hunger
  2. Universal education
  3. Gender Equality
  4. Child Health
  5. Maternal Health
  6. Combating HIV/AIDS
  7. Environmental Sustainability
  8. Global Partnership

The maternal and child health goals are particularly relevant to PREBIC. Aims of the Maternal Health goal include reducing maternal mortality and universal access to reproductive health, and the Child Health goal focuses reducing the mortality rate for children less than five years of age.  PREBIC aims to reduce the preterm birth rate through improved maternal health, leading to improved child health and reduced neonatal mortality.
For this purpose, we have created a site where we have collected all the work done in one place. Here we publish our research, scientific papers, and the latest methods of treatment. We organize online and offline meetings, conferences, we invite rewrite my thesis masters to them to document the results of discussions.

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