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PREBIC 2016 Meeting

Annual Scientific Meeting and Workshop
Florence, Italy

Each year, PREBIC members meet to discuss the latest developments in preterm birth research, identify knowledge gaps, and plan future projects. This meeting is attended by clinicians, scientists and academics from a wide range of countries. This multidisciplinary team bring significant expertise and a wealth of resources to PREBIC projects.

Medical students are also invited to this meeting, so that they can analyze the above at the same level as experienced practitioners and gain the knowledge to carry out the task "
write my nursing paper "

In 2016, this meeting will be held in Florence, Italy at the Preis School, Instituto Degli Innocenti. The meeting will run for three full days on Monday 18th, Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th April.   

The meeting programme and registration inforamtion will be made available in January 2016.


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