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Satellite Symposium at SGI 2014

Preterm Birth International Collaborative (PREBIC)
Myometrium/Parturition Symposium

Wednesday, March 26th 2014Florence, Italy

The 61st Annual Meeting of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation (SGI) will be held in Florence, Italy in March 2014.

Immediately prior to this meeting, a number of Satellite Symposia are held, focusing on specific interest areas. This year, the PREBIC Satellite Symposium will combine with the myometrium and parturition meeting to present insights on topics such as epigenomic pathways associating with preterm premature rupture of the membranes, the role of role of complement activation in cervical remodeling and myometrial contractility in preterm labor, and pessaries to prevent preterm birth: a 'novel' obstetric device.

For addition information and registration, please visit the official SGI website.

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